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January 14, 2006

Playing with Paint on 1/13/06

A local (60 miles from my house, but around here that IS not out of the realm of being "local") stamping store (Cami's Paperpie in Purcellville VA, probably one of the most beautiful stores I've ever seen) hosts an Artists' Circle on the second Friday of each month. A small group of us...usually no more than 10...get together to swap ATCs, share art we have created since our last meeting, and then one of us leads a mini workshop to share a technique or a project how-to. It is a wonderful, energizing, talented group! So that's where I spent my Friday the 13th.

Our project was a background paper technique (thanks, Leiann!) that involved drenching paper towels with various colors of liquid watercolors and other water soluble media, then sandwiching the wet paper towel between other sheets of paper and brayering heavily. This resulted in the wet pigment transferring to the other layers in the sandwich, resulting in some really coooool papers. Sometimes, we placed stencils in the sandwich which affected how the pigments transferred to other layers during the favorite result is shown above. The stencil was a snowflake I free-hand cut from a square of card stock. Aren't those colors GORGEOUS? I'm thinking about framing this piece, I love it so much.

The technique we explored was inspired by a workshop given by Traci Bautista which one of our members had attended. Very cool technique though messy! But in my mind, MESSY equals CREATIVE equals FUN!


Blogger Dale Anne said...

Carole, I'd LOVE to hear more about this group ....... it sounds like something I should get organized for around here!

15/1/06 12:29 PM  
Blogger cmw said...

hmmmn. hand-cut snowflakes, huh??? the intersection of art & science is most definitely part of the cosmic conspiracy. --cmw

16/1/06 2:25 PM  

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