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January 19, 2006

Playing with Knives

I adore hand carved stamps. Been wanting to get more focused (buahahaha, as if that was even possible!) and make a bunch to use in one of my zine tutorials, so I joined this Yahoo group called Artists of the Round Table. A group of us are going to be working in a structured way (with lesson plans and everything!) through Gloria Page's EXCELLENT book Art Stamping Workshop to develop our stamp carving skills. If I don't cut my finger off, I expect it should be a really worthwhile activity because I adore the look of hand-carved stamps. That image above was made with a stamp I carved from a 30-cent pink eraser in about 5 minutes, with no plan...just freehand. I love how it turned out...can't wait to dig in (please excuse the pun) to my more expensive soft blocks...the pink eraser carved fine but those soft blocks are like butter.

So far this year, I've stayed on track to my commitment to do some kind of art every day...much of it is for the zine and doesn't get reported here, but it's still art and I am enjoying the DailyDevotions365Days Yahoo group that keeps me focused on that commitment.

Been riding my exercise bike regularly, too...another commitment being upheld. Gosh, it's almost like I mean it. Now....if only I could figure out how to do art stuff during the boring 20 to 30 minutes that I am pedaling....hmmm....must ponder that one...


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