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January 12, 2006

No Rules, Just Right

Whoever thought up that slogan is speaking my language. Funny, though, that I can't mentally connect the slogan with its product at the moment. Heck--for that matter, maybe I'm not even remembering the slogan correctly. But the sentiment is near and dear to my heart. I was reminded of that by a gal who emailed to thank me for posting explanations about how I was texturing ATCs with gel medium and other stuff (like I described in other posts here). She said I had "given her permission" to actually sit down and play with new products she had without feeling confined by the manufacturer's instructions. BRAVO! That made me so happy to hear that I inspired someone to explore and PLAY!

When it comes to new art products, I tend to read packaged instructions only as a last resort--if ever. With unfamiliar techniques, I skim the steps then jump in without a backward glance. Yeah....I risk making some mistakes, screwing up, wasting product. Big deal. The upside is that in figuring stuff out through experimentation, a new technique or application might reveal itself along the way. Ya never know.


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