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January 14, 2006

Getting the Word Out

Marketing for my zine and classes is much on my mind. When I came across Jeffrey Yamaguchi's delightful, smart, and funny Get the Word Out suggestions, I somehow got the idea to use them as the basis of a "Business Development Journal" type thing which I could use for inspiration and to store ideas, progress, etc...I had in mind a folio type thing that looked well used, messy, and overstuffed. I printed out JY's wisdom, made a list of his 30 suggestions, distressed that, then tore them all apart. Then I cut a 3 ring binder down to 2 ring size, punched holes in 31 half size kraft envies, and glued one step and its associated text to each envie and mounted them all in the binder. The 31st envie lives in the front of the binder and is for stuffing with ideas that don't have their own envies yet. I'm looking forward to feeding this journal! Thanks for the great inspiration, Mr. Yamaguchi. Some images:

The paragraph above is one Yamaguchi's suggestions for getting the word out about your project and it's worth repeating here: Get rid of your television. I can't believe how much time people waste passively staring at the idiot box--time they could be using to DO something instead of wishing tomorrow that they had done something today. Here's some food for thought on that topic. We'd probably all be better off with a Turn Off Your PC mentality, too. While computers and the Internet are a large part of how I get my work done and the word about it out there, the computer is a voracious and seductive time vampire.

Back to Yamaguchi...I am charmed and amused by his work. His book 52 Projectssounds intriguing; I'm about to order it from the Big A. His book Working for the Man is worth reading too for us corporate escapees or those still chained to The Man. Here are some stories from it. JY's blog is Bookmouth, also an interesting read.


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