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January 12, 2006

Crayola Colors We'd Like to See: Poop Brown

Today, I re-shot the video for the doll tutorial in Paperpourri #4. This was AFTER I noticed that my tripod (which I had hanging from the ceiling to get the right angle) was about to fall apart and drop my expensive video camera crashing to the floor. Yikes. For once, I was able to avert disaster, this time with contact cement. Anyway, I'm glad I did the video over because a) it looks way better than the first effort and b) this doll is cuter than the one in the other video. Could have something to do with the earthy colors...I've always liked brown. Reminds of when I was in kindergarten. I had this poop-brown dress with a waistband embroidered with cute flowers. I LOVED that dress and wanted to wear it every day. I was forever arguing with my mom to let me wear it. Funny how it disappeared over the summer and I never saw it again. Took me about 5 years to realize that! Yeah, duh, I can be a little slow sometimes...

But anyway, here's the new I'm deep into the process of editing and narrating the video for this tutorial and that should keep me busy for a day or two.


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